Standard Chartered Bank | Why banking can be an obsession


An integrated campaign for Standard Chartered with a multi-platform strategy to drive awareness, engagement and leads for ultimate conversion.

In 2016, Standard Chartered struck an exclusive alliance with Asia Miles Limited and saw this as a chance to disrupt the credit card and banking categories - both of which are core pillars in its consumer business.

However, Hong Kong has an over-saturation of cards with 347 choices and an ownership of four cards per cardholder on average. This clutter presented a major challenge for people to sign-up another ‘Miles card’.

The target audience finds banking services unappealing in part because of the perception of low return. Interest rates are near zero. The performance of local funds is correlated with the performance of the local market which has been disappointing.
But what if we used a credit card’s biggest attraction - rewards - on banking? For example, what if Miles could be earned on a time deposit?

Proposition: Bank more, earn more

The premise was a disruptive banking product that rewarded Miles for a range of banking services. Marketing this product had to overcome ‘banking boredom’. This target audience is more interested in current affairs and latest trends. Traditional banking services are uninteresting to them.

Cultural Insight: Funny how Hong Kong can get a bit obsessive about redeeming things.

Creative Idea: Banking can be an obsession

We enlisted Sammi Cheng, highly-respected A-List celebrity to act in a whimsical fashion when sharing with her friends which banking services she wanted to sign-up next. Because even the most prestigious Priority Banking customer would get obsessed with banking if the more you banked, the more Miles you earned.


We achieved 93% of Standard Chartered’s full year Card Application target  within 5 months.

Monthly new account openings lifted by up to 97% versus the pre-launch period.

Brendan Ma