adidas | Climaheat Snowrun


A climate-controlled VR fitting room game that lets customers experience the adidas Climaheat jacket in brutal winter conditions to change the rules of winter retail marketing.

The window for winter in Hong Kong is usually very small. During November to December, it isn’t cold enough to encourage people to buy winter wear. At the same time, it’s an opportunity.

How could adidas promote their latest functional wear before winter actually hit?

The short window of winter in Hong Kong created a huge challenge to promote winter apparel in November.

Many brands go for a conventional way of store display to induce awareness and interest. They communicate with visuals and videos of winter scenarios to get across the message of keeping you warm. But before the weather gets cold, it seems irrelevant to bring this message across and it is hard for people to actually experience the product’s benefits.

As such, getting prospective customers to try on winter jackets in-store is even more difficult.

Our solution to this problem was to:

  1. Redefine the context of winter

  2. Reinvent the brand experience

  3. Amplify the in-store experience with branded content

Our target audience was young generations aged 14-29, who are outdoor exercise lovers and passionate about sports even in the cold weather. They seek functional, quality products that can keep them warm.

To get across the idea of Climaheat’s benefits, which is to lock in heat and let moisture out, we needed to create a spectacle out of adidas’s first experiential fitting room.


Bring in winter when it’s still warm


Gamify the brand experience to engage target customers


Take the instore experience to social media


Bringing the winter workout experience to customers really paid off. The adidas Climaheat VR fitting room brought tremendous success on three levels: engagement, sales and brand building.

Brendan Madxd