AIDS Concern | Text From Your Ex

A simple SMS that drove HIV testing.

For most people in Hong Kong, HIV statistics have little impact on the. They are in constant denial that they or their loved ones could potentially become a victim of HIV infection. Based on testing surveillance data by AIDS Concern in 2015, the leading reasons to not get tested are claims of “no symptoms” (20%), psychological obstacles (21%), lack of awareness of this service (22%), and others (37%). The ungrounded fearlessness and ignorance of reality is causing an increasing HIV epidemic in Hong Kong. This has called for a need to educate people about the risks of HIV.

Our idea was based around engaging our target audience via a simple yet powerful text from an “ex”. We created a microsite that allowed concerned friends and family to send TEXT FROM YOUR EX SMSes to at-risk individuals.  

After entering the number of the recipient, the message was then sent from an unknown number. 20 seconds later, a follow-up SMS was automatically sent to the recipient. This SMS revealed AIDS Concern as the source of the message, provided a link to our microsite to make a booking, and allowed recipients to pass the message on to others.

Test bookings doubled from the previous year, setting a new record for AIDS Concern. Our campaign led to 664 pieces of online coverage and reached more than 9 million people from $0 media spend.

Watch the case film here:

Brendan Ma