TBWA\ Hong Kong launches original documentary series exploring creative culture and technology


Written By

Adrian Tse


March 29 2017

HONG KONG - The three-part series called The Tale of Two Cities, examines the cultural formation of startups, makers and content creators in Hong Kong and Helsinki.

The series includes three episodes that look broadly at the paradigm shift that is disrupting the world of marketing and advertising. Watch the trailer here:

The Paulig Muki mug featured in the trailer was a gift from TBWA\ Helsinki to Hong Kong. It's the world’s first coffee mug with an e-ink display that is powered by heat from your coffee. They created it for Paulig, a Finnish coffee brand. To add a Hong Kong touch to this, TBWA\ Hong Kong put hot Hong Kong style milk tea 奶茶 in it instead.

The first episode is set in Helsinki at Slush, one of the biggest startup events in the world. Featuring Jan Cho, general manager and Anne Chan, head of production at TBWA\Hong Kong, the episode explores how Slush has grown to be more like a religion than a tech conference for startups. In conversations with startups at the event and TBWA\ Helsinki, Cho and Chan discover the roots of startup culture and the spirit of innovation in Finland, which appears to hold a key to advancing the creative advertising industry.


In episode two, the series continues with the theme of technology and goes to Hong Kong where Standard Chartered is having a community arts event themed around nature, called Arts in The Park. Aimed at children and families, Standard Chartered has tasked TBWA\ Hong Kong with the challenge of starting a conversation with Hong Kong kids about the importance of nature. Renowned primatologist and UN Messenger of Peace, Dr. Jane Goodall attends the event to give a speech on conservation.

To take this further with children’s pop-up books and virtual reality as mediums,  TBWA\ Hong Kong’s team, including Joe Choi, Toby Ho, and Brendan Ma, look at the possibilities of using technology as a way to bridge the gap between Hong Kong kids and nature.


Episode three focuses on ‘maker culture’ and features makers such as product designers and creative technologists as well content creators, such as YouTubers. The video examines how makers create everything from content that people love through to products that people use. Continuing with the theme of the series, TBWA\ Hong Kong goes on the ground to explore the maker scene in Hong Kong and Helsinki and its impact on local creativity, media and culture at large.

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