Rise of the chatbots


Produced By

Adrian Tse


June 14 2017

HONG KONG - We made a short film about the rise of chatbots, covering chatbot adoption, cultural barriers, opportunities and how brands can use them to drive business.

We got inspired to make this video after we recently built a chatbot for an internal two-day, regional leadership meeting held at the TBWA\Hong Kong office.

Leaders from across TBWA\ Asia Pacific flew to Hong Kong for the occasion. We designed the chatbot to help them "get through the meeting" in a tongue-in-cheek manner. 

For example, the chatbot gave the leaders suggestions on where to party in Hong Kong and advice on how to sound smart and inspirational during the meeting itself. The chatbot served up memes and quotes from Jean Marie Dru and Lee Clow (two huge, God-like figures in the TBWA universe) during the chatbot conversation, which took place on Facebook Instant Messenger.

If you’d like to learn more about chatbots and how you can use them to drive business, get in touch with us at TBWA\Hong Kong.


The video features:

  • Philip Brett, chief operating officer, TBWA\Worldwide                
  • Dan Paris, business director, TBWA\ Asia Pacific
  • Renuka Marshall, managing director, TBWA\ Sri Lanka
  • Nin Visudhipol, chairman, TBWA\ Thailand
  • Tuomas Peltoniemi, president, innovation director, TBWA\DAN Asia Pacific 
  • Chris Iki, chief operating officer, TBWA\ Hakuhudo
  • Govind Pandey, CEO, TBWA\ India
  • Soum Banjaree, CEO, TBWA\ Indonesia
  • Tan Nguyen, managing director, TBWA\ VIETNAM
  • Ara Hampartsoumian, managing director, TBWA\ Singapore 
  • Portia Catuira, manging director, TBWA\ Philippines 
  • Aaron Cowie, CEO, TBWA\ Malaysia 


Adrian Tse