TBWA Hong Kong and Standard Chartered create a virtual reality game where kids reimagine nature


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November 11 2016

The VR game called Rhapsody of the Forest will launch at the iconic Standard Chartered Arts in the Park Mardis Gras, which returns to Hong Kong this year with the theme "A Midsummer Night's Dream", giant puppet parades, art stalls, stage performances and a weekend of visual and sensory art experiences for all ages.

The annual event, which is sponsored by Standard Chartered Community Foundation and organised by the Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation, attracted more than 150,000 people to Victoria Park in Hong Kong last year. This year the event will be held on November 12 and 13.

The festival's theme this year celebrates 400 years of Shakespeare's legacy with "A Midsummer Night's Dream" where Victoria Park will be turned into a magical forest with an
environmental message. Internationally renowned conservationist and UN Messenger of Peace, Dr Jane Goodall will also attend the event to give an inspirational speech on conservation aimed at future generations and share her experience gained from her life's work.

To take these ideas of magic and environment further with technology, TBWA Hong Kong created Rhapsody of The Forest, a VR game that allows kids to build their own magical forest with animals using movements and gestures in a simple and immersive environment inspired by geometric polygon art.

To complement the VR experience, kids will receive a DIY (do-it-yourself) pop-up picture book based on what they created in the VR game, including elements such as trees, grass and animals. Kids can then use these elements to make their own pop-up picture book with the materials provided.

Rhapsody of The Forest aims to examine the magic and importance of nature; the legacy of children's books as a storytelling medium; the creative relationship between a child's imagination and the physical world; and children's education using spatial awareness and kinaesthetic learning.

"When TBWA Hong Kong came to us with the proposal of Rhapsody of the Forest, we thought it was a wonderful match with Arts in the Park because we have always wanted to combine education, creativity and fun in all activities in this annual signature event. We hope through utilising VR technology and game design, we can inspire the children's imagination, their curiosity to explore and interest in the nature and in a fun and interactive way," said Rita Wong, Head of Sustainability and Community Engagement, Greater China and North Asia, Corporate Affairs, Standard Chartered Hong Kong.

"For children, picture and pop-up books can have an inspiring impact on how they learn, imagine and relate to the world. I think TBWA Hong Kong has done a great job in taking some of that magic of children's books and applying it to a modern medium like virtual reality," Wong added.

TBWA Hong Kong developed Rhapsody of the Forest in-house with its creative technology and creative team over a two-month period.

Rhapsody of the Forest will be a major attraction at Standard Chartered's Arts in The Park with a dedicated area and one of the largest booths at the festival.   

"This is the 16th annual Standard Chartered Arts in the Park created for the Hong Kong community," said Jan Cho, general manager, TBWA Hong Kong. "For TBWA, the VR project has been inspiring to work on and we can't wait for families and kids to experience Rhapsody of the Forest."

TBWA Hong Kong will be releasing a short documentary and film trailer about the Rhapsody of The Forest VR game after Standard Chartered Arts in Park.  


Joe ChoiSCB, AIP