TBWA and Formula E HK attempt to capture local consciousness


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Campaign Asia


August 25 2016

TBWA and Formula Electric Racing (Hong Kong) launched a campaign to stimulate interest in motor racing by incorporating local culture.

The campaign promotes the opening event of the third Formula E season, to be held on 8-9 October. The race is the first major international motorsport race in Hong Kong in over three decades.

Faced with the challenge of low awareness, TBWA and Formula E created the "We are all drivers" campaign to capture the spirit of the city, via racing.

According to Jan Cho, general manager, TBWA Hong Kong, stories personified by local opinion leaders makes the campaign more than just about racing. "It opens up cultural values embedded in Hong Kong's consciousness," he added.

The campaign also calls for positive changes in Hong Kongers' lifestyle. Driven by the commitment of "energy, environment and entertainment", TBWA and Formula E Hong Kong seek to promote an eco-friendly, electric and sustainable future.

“Our ambition is to build a global brand and signature racing event in Hong Kong while also helping to drive the change to an electric future,” said Alan Fang, CEO of Formula Electric Racing (Hong Kong) Limited.

"It’s [the shift to more eco-friendly ways of mobility] a reality that is not so far away as more electric cars hit the road. We believe the Formula E event also has the opportunity to take the conversation on electric cars to the forefront in Hong Kong," said Cho.