American Eagle Outfitters first to tap Snapchat Spectacles in HK to entice millennials


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December 12 2016

American Eagle Outfitters has teamed up with TBWA\ to launch #WeAllCan, a brand campaign that aims to explore the power and influence of millennials and celebrate them as the voice of a generation in Hong Kong.

The campaign scope includes digital, social media, in-store events and media, and Snapchat Spectacles, which were used to create content and extend the campaign leading up to the Christmas period.

The campaign content features millennial singers Wong You Nam and Sukie Chung as well as local YouTubers and filmmakers 火雞姐(Yanki Din) and Felix Yu from Bomba Channel.

An online film was created for each young star and shows them in an intimate, personal way.

While featuring influencers in brand campaigns has become the norm, the brand said the challenge was to not only translate the #WeAllCan global brand campaign into local culture, but to help define the unique values of Hong Kong millennials.

“Simply finding local influencers to endorse the brand was not our intention,” said Samson Li, senior regional marketing manager, American Eagle Outfitters. “That’s too top-down for this generation. It was more about finding young people with their own voice who are able to speak from their unique position.”

During the campaign period, Snapchat Spectacles was launched in the US and limited to vending machines in secret locations, which presented an opportunity for the brand in the Hong Kong market in the lead-up to the holiday season.

To launch the campaign, video content was created using Snapchat Spectacles and featured local roof-toppers, musicians, skateboarders and parkour runners from a first person point of view as well as other imagery poignant to Hong Kong people, especially young people and millennials.

Building on the #WeAllCan campaign, ‘I can give’, is a campaign extension that lets American Eagle Outfitter fans win a pair of Snapchat Spectacles in order to give them to a friend as a Christmas present. To win, fans need to state why they want to gift the spectacles to a friend in the comments section of the Snapchat Spectacles video. The most engaging answer will be rewarded.

“Our methodology is to look for real-life, cultural triggers and the launch of Snapchat Spectacles is a good fit and a natural opportunity for the #WeAllCan campaign,” said Jan Cho, general manager of TBWA\ Hong Kong.

“The spectacles are a bold, forward-looking product that is likely to resonate with early adopters. To be the first, we actually had to bid for them on ebay because the Snapchat Spectacles vending machines haven’t even come to Hong Kong.”

“But Snapchat is very popular for this demographic in Hong Kong and from a brand point of view, Snapchat Spectacles really celebrates the voice of the millennial generation,” Cho added.

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